Saturday, March 28, 2015

Panzer IV/70 compared with Jagdpanzer IV

Here are a few pictures that allow a quick and halfway accurate recognition:

- Jagdpanzer IV (early)

- Jagdpanzer IV (late) [Befehls-Ausf├╝hrung]

Modifications of the L/48 gun during serial production:

- PzIV/70(V) [August 1944]

- PzIV/70(V) [September-November 1944]

- PzIV/70(V) [November 1944-March 1945]

For reasons of completeness a few pictures for identifying the PzIV/70(A):

- PzIV/70(A) prototype

- top, front and rear view

A little variation during production:

- 2 steel wheels

- 4 steel wheels

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