Sunday, March 29, 2015

Outstanding Pz.IV Models III

The main change introduced with the Ausf J was the elimination of the electric traverse and its associated auxiliary engine. A dual gear-ratio hand-traverse was fitted in its place, and the space previously occupied by the auxiliary engine was used to increase the fuel capacity. The armour thickness of the turret roof was increased and a 'Nahverteidigungswaffe' added as a smoke projector and for close defence. Minor improvements introduced during the Ausf J production run included the deletion of pistol ports and vision ports from the turret rear and side doors, wire-mesh 310 skirting on the hull sides, 3 instead of 4 return rollers, steel-tyred road wheels, vertical exhaust mufflers, and the hull sides extended beyond the front hull plate, and drilled to provide holes for towing shackles.

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