Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jagdpanzer IV/70 (A) (Sd.Kfz.162/1)

Jagdpanzer IV/70 (A) (Sd.Kfz.162/1) was the other PaK 42 L/70 armed Jagdpanzer IV. In order to send Pak 42 L/70 to the front as soon as possible, in July 1944, Hitler ordered an interim solution: a StuG III manufacturer, Alkett, was to immediately produce Jagdpanzer IV by its own design. This differed in that its superstructure was mounted directly on the original Panzer IV chassis and as such lacked the sharp edged nose of the Vomag variant. It was also taller. Only 278 were built from August 1944 to March 1945. The (A) stands for the builder, Alkett.

In November of 1944, Krupp also proposed to modify Jagdpanzer IV/70(A) (Sd.Kfz.162/1), so that 88mm Pak 43/3 L/71 gun can be mounted, but it proved to be impossible and it remained only a project - Panzerjager IV mit 8.8cm Pak 43/3 L/71.

The name "Zwischenlösung"
The Panzer IV/70 (A) was never called Zwischenlösung. Zwischenlösung simply means "interrim solution", and was used in post-war publications because the true name was not known at the time, which was then carried into modern literature.

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