Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jagdpanzer IV/70 (V)

History: The Panzer IV/70(V) was an improved version of the Jagdpanzer IV with the PaK42 L/70 mounted in place of the shorter PaK39 L/48. It went into production along-with the Jagdpanzer IV which it replaced completely in December 1944. 

Specific features: As for the Jagdpanzer IV. The 7.5cm PaK was held at + 13° elevation by a travel lock when moving in non-combat areas. Late models were to have the Vorsatz P mount (additional machine-pistol mount) in the roof over the gunner. This was a mount for the 7.92mm MP44 with a curved barrel attachment. The long gun and 80mm superstructure front made the Pz IV/70 (V) nose heavy with resultant failures of the rubber-tyred wheels. Later models, therefore, were fitted with steel-rimmed wheels at the first two wheel stations. Late models also had only three return rollers. 

Combat service: In August 1944, the Panzer IV/70(V) was issued to the 105th and 106th Independent Panzer Brigades. Other tank brigades received these vehicles together with the independent Panzerjager detachments, and the tank-hunter detachments of the Panzer divisions. The Panzer IV/70(V) was first used in numbers during the Ardennes offensive in December 1944, when approximately 137 were available.

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